Category: Insects

A wasp flies easily through an opening not much wider than its wingspan. Photo: Antoine Beyeler

Balancing act in the air

All animals need some form of warning system that prevents them from colliding with objects in their surroundings. The warning system helps them to continually regulate their speed and determine their distance from objects. The Vision Group at the Department of Biology in Lund studies how insects control their progress...

The tropical bee, Megalopta genialis, can perceive light intensities that are 100 million times weaker than daylight. This nocturnal bee is one of the insects that provided inspiration for a night vision video camera. Scanning electron microscope image by Rita Wallén.

Car’s video camera helps you see like an insect

The way that nocurnal insects intensify incoming light could be used to improve how cameras function in low light. Eric Warrent had the idea of applying his insect vision algorithm to a video camera. The algorithm senses how light it is and how much the camera is moving. Just as...

Susanne Åkesson studies animal migration patterns using GPS technology and light loggers


In the summer, tens of thousands of insects fly over fields and farmland. Many are very small or fly high up in the air, so we don’t see them. Some insects cause damage to crops and forests, some spread disease, while others bring benefits in terms of pollination or pest...