Vision in birds

Different species of birds see the world in different ways as a result of their different lifestyles.

Birds that are active during the day, do not have to worry about getting enough light to see where they´re going. Instead they prioritize high detail and color. Compared to humans, Budgies and other parrots may not have as sharp vision but they can see a greater number of colors due to the fact that they have four kinds of cones (humans have three kinds). Raptors are famous for their exceptionally sharp vision. They can spot a rabbit at thrice the distance as humans. But, they cannot see very well in darkness. Owls, however, do not have particularly sharp vision, but their eyes are more sensitive to light and as a result they can spot prey even at low light levels. Partridges and other game fowl are generalist and see reasonably well both during night and day.

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